Kendra Portnova

At a very young age, Kendra was drawn to the visual arts. With every medium she experienced, she excelled. With her multiple talents, ranging from advanced wheel throwing ceramics to soothing watercolor painting, she narrowed it down, and studied Photography at the university level, right at the cusp of film and digital photography.  Years down the road and a family to raise, life’s curve ball hit: Cancer. After a year of chemotherapy , radiation and surgeries she focused on her new health, family and a new lease on life. While being a stay-at-home mom, she opened her first ETSY shop and soon there after another shop with the focus on Colon cancer awareness. It was very therapeutic in her recovery to do her art, be at home and raise her family. She wants to use this platform to help guide those in pursuing an ETSY business and lifestyle. Her own journey has taught her to live a full life and use the talents God has given her.

Kendra resides in her hometown, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains with her husband, two sons and her rescued Rottie, Stormy Girl.

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